Welcome to the Curling Academy of Victoria

Our Mission Statement

To help develop junior curlers age 11 to 21 in their pursuit of curling as a lifetime sport through the provision of high-performance coaching and training.


  • To develop junior curlers as lifelong curling participants.
  • To provide high-performance coaching and training to curlers age 11 to 21 years, giving them an opportunity to develop and improve their skills.
  • To provide an opportunity for junior curlers to engage with other junior curlers creating a potential for team development.

In the 2015/2016 season, we had 20 participants that participated in the academy of which 19 of those participants completed the season.   The program ran out of the Victoria Curling Club three nights per week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.   The program has two coaches:  Corey Chester and Carley Sandwith– both certified competitive coaches.


Program Development for 2016/2017

Attached is the program development that has been completed showing what the content of the training will be over the next year.  Some things which need to be considered when reviewing the work plan are:

  • Each day has a routine with warm-up and warm downs
  • This is the skeleton of the plan and guest dates are still being worked out so obviously some of it will change based on availability
  • We are looking into accessing PISE and their programs for some dates
  • The last four weeks are blank right now so that it allows the opportunity for both Corey and Carley to participate more fully with the planning towards the end of the season.
  • Other factors that will affect the curriculum are ice availability/team competition schedules /how previous plans are working out.

One of the areas that must be addressed is the continued supervision, development and evaluation of the Greater Victoria Curling Academy.  After lengthy discussions with those directly involved it is being recommended that:

A separate not for profit organization called the Greater Victoria Curling Academy be organized, registered and be the body responsible for the operation of the Academy. 

  • This body shall include but is not limited to a president; secretary; treasurer and two additional members. This body shall also include the head coach and the two assistant coaches.
  • This body shall be responsible for all decision making, funding requirements and financial operations for the Academy.


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